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Day 147
"Cooling off with my former obsession"

In another life, I used to buy and redo used antique fans. I'd always pull the guts apart, clean and repack them with grease and put the whole thing back together. If needed, I'd rewire (but NOT rewind the coil!) and sometimes I'd even paint them (but I didn't do that well so it always chipped). I just loved being able to see how everything went together - and to realize just how well made these old fans were!

At one time, I had about 15 of them - most working. Now I'm down to 3 that I LOVE and use on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis. (All Emerson Electric, BTW. Those were the best, as far as I'm concerned.)

This one is my favorite. It's from about 1915-1920. (Probably about 1917 or so, but I'm happy to be corrected!) It's got brass blades and really needs to be rewired, but it works like a champ! Can you see me getting cooler by the second?

ColoradoCrested ButteLocationsfan