what does your architectural space say?

with a background in architecture, i love looking at details, design, and the way a building makes you feel. while this may appear to be a new interest for me, I've been taking photos of  architecture for many, many years.

if you'd like a new perspective, whether is for shots of your design, for capturing the feel of your home for potential buyers or to convey the space and bring more people to your VRBO, i'm happy to work with you to capture what you're looking to show.

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are you confused by your complicated camera?

do you want to add in creativity, but aren't sure how? 

as a self taught photographer, i absolutely love working with others who are craving a newfound understanding of photography - whether it's technical or creative! if you'd like to be inspired to take your photography to a new level, click here to find out more about my creative, fun and relaxing class options!

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how will you remember your time in the gunnison valley?

when i moved to crested butte in 2006, i was inspired by the beauty. and that feeling has only gotten stronger. when i capture others as they fall in love with crested butte and they start show their true selves in this beautiful place, i am inspired even more!

while taking your photos, i allow the time to unfold in a relaxed, joyful manner allowing your personalities to shine forth. get more information about my shoots here! please note that i only take a small number of shoots each year!

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