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Day 150
Splains Gulch

Yup! It's FINALLY here! My favorite time of the year! Mushroom season!!! No, you crazy people - not hallucinogenic ones.... just edible ones. YUM!

This one is the Giant Western Puffball mushroom. We also seach for chanterelle, king boletus, regular puffball (several varieties) and shaggy manes. We found all but shaggy manes today! Very exciting as my hubby looked last weekend and found none!

Oh, and these giant puffballs are delish dredged in milk (soy milk is fine, too), seasoned flour and for you non-vegans, roll it in parmesan after dredging it in milk again. Then saute' 'em up. YUM!

The king boletus is probably well known to many as a porcini. We will generally dry those as that is actually the best way to eat them - rehydrated. It really concentrates the flavor.

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