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Day 330 Elk Avenue Grooming the streets for the Alley Loop! This is a cross country ski (most people do skate skiing, I'll be doing classic along with my sister-in-law (doing 21K) and her hubby (a nut who's doing the 42K)) race that goes through the alleys and streets of downtown Crested Butte. Usually, it's just a quick route through the town, but because of avalanche danger, they had to do a lot of re-routing and they're taking about 40% of the race I'm doing through town. Very cool! I'm racing the 10K tomorrow. I can't wait! I hope to do a LOT better than last year, but if I finish, I'll be happy.... You can see a better shot of the grooming - and more of the downtown - here.

CBColoradocrested butte