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Day 153 Elk Avenue "I love my life" This summer, the City of Crested Butte decided to shut down the main road (Elk Ave) from traffic every Wednesday. No real reason, just to let people have fun. You'll see a woman and a man on the left standing on a trailer singing songs (they were awesome!), just to the right you'll see the door to a sushi place - we sat on the rug and floor chairs (no legs) on the ground in the middle of the road (you can see my family just at the very tip of that shadow below the left palm tree) and had sushi. The girls bounced in the bouncy thing in the middle of the street. And people were constantly riding bikes and walking past us. Very cool. Oh, and then the girls and I took a "rickshaw" bike around town for giggles and grins after dinner. I love my life. I love this town!

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