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Day 35 (1 of 2)
"Deconstructing a POTD"

Each day I wake up thinking about what my portrait will be.

Sometimes it's just there. I think about it, I take 3 shots and I have it. Day 31 was like that. So was 27.

Sometimes something happens to trigger an idea. Days 33, 32, 28 were like that.

Sometimes I have several pictures I like and just post them.

But sometimes, like today, I have NO CLUE! I go most of the day and try to take several photos and NOTHING feels like it depicts what I want to show that day. Like today. Usually something pops out. (Like the next shot - I took that much later than these and had planned on the "moving to the light" shot for today.)

It's odd how things strike you. Sometimes it's the composition that I fall in love with. Sometimes it's the message. Sometimes it's the colors or the idea behind it. Sometimes it's intangible. This is an amazing learning experience.

I love it!

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