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Day 214
"Dreamy team"

I'm on this fantasy football league that my brothers (2 of the 4), dad, and husband and some of their friends roped me into. During the draft, my dad and hubby helped me draft some good players - and I'm kicking ass! LOL! (Although, maybe not so much today.)
I put together an article to spoof why I'm doing so well and this is the photo I made to go with it:

In a rare interview, Andi revealed just how she came about with such a stunning team. Let's find out her secrets!

SL: So, Andi, you do realize that everyone hates you now? You're undefeated!

Andi: What? OMG! I had no clue! I knew I was doing okay, but had no clue I was undefeated - nor that everyone hated me! Are you sure about that?

SL: Very sure. The hit on your life was stopped and the rest of the teams won't be divvying up your players anymore... Anyway, how did you come up with such an amazing team?

Andi: Well, after doing a LOT of research, I realized that Brady was probably the hottest QB in the NFL - so he was a sure thing. And I feel lucky to have also grabbed the second hottest, QB, too! For the kicker, I just watched their form. My gosh, have you SEEN how Mat Stover kicks? [Andi waxed dreamy at this point]

SL: Um, Andi? You still there? What else did you look at besides... um... form?

Andi: Well, I looked at smiles. I really wanted Roddy White and I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get him. His smile could light up a room! I sure hope Chris can realize how much I want him if he's ever up for a trade! Do you ever think he'd make that trade for Randy "I have hair larger than Andi" Moss? That would rock!

SL: You know, Andi, I think he might! [I rolled my eyes at this point, but she was back to thinking about Stover... or was it Brady?]

Andi: Ahhhhh, I have almost the perfect team! [She sighs again]

SL: Andi, thank you so much for sharing your... um... secrets with us!

As you can see, Andi definitely has the most unique way of choosing a team around!

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