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Day 305 (2 of 2)
Gunnison Hospital
"After the storm"

After taking a nap, Sammie woke and watched some TV. Then she suddenly got up, started trying to cry, but couldn't because she couldn't breathe well. We rushed back to the clinic where things deteriorated. After several breathing treatments, a shot of epi and then an epi breathing treatment, they got things under control. We were then taken by ambulance to the hospital where she was held overnight for several more breathing treatments as well as observation.

For about 3 hours, she completely lost her personality. I don't think I had ever realized what an imp she is! LOL! Shortly after regaining her sense of humor, she had everyone in stitches. My husband had her repeating lines from Gollum in Lord of the Rings. "My Precious...." We were dying! And she was loving the attention. (Are we bad parents?!?)

I read to her and she finally fell asleep at about midnight.... Poor thing!

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