rekindling - final - TippiePics
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Day 24: patience and perseverance. I went on a walk yesterday around town to take some photos and I met up with an elderly gentleman who was walking in the snow with his walker. With the light coating of new snow, it was even more slippery than normal and I was so amazed at his slow, steady gait that had taken him for many blocks. I find that for myself it's very easy to talk myself out of doing something if it doesn't appear to be changing or moving instead of looking at how I can keep going forward and trusting that I'll get there. I have been struggling with my photography for a while. Not feeling inspired or excited about it. But behind the scenes, I've been doing a few things about it. And by keeping myself moving forward, I had a little bit of a breakthrough the other day. It's still settling in and I'm not ready to share, not for quite a while. But if I hadn't kept persevering, pushing forward, trying new things, I never would've gotten to the point where this idea voile have emerged. Just remember to keep moving forward – you can eventually get to where you're going. It may be slippery, it may be long, but keep moving forward.